About Waterbeds

The Waterbed was developed by a British Doctor named Dr. Hooper who found the benefits of a pressure-free sleep surface ideally suited to water filled mattress.

Once waterbeds were introduced, they were soon quite popular and evolved into a preferred sleep surface for many. But in the same respect, many do not like sleeping on a waterbed so the conversation around a waterbed will be widely varied.

Couples complain of the motion that happens when one of them moves or climbs out. Climbing out of a waterbed can be have the problem... or half the fun, depending on who you ask.

One of the unique aspects of a waterbed is the ability to provide a consistent sleep surface that maintains itself for many years, which comes from sleeping on a large bag of water, or bladder as there are called. Water does not wear out, unlike most all other sleep surfaces of today.

Another unique quality is through a heater that allows the user to adjust the waterbed temperature, which can then be used for therapeutic purposes.

The Main components of a waterbed consists of a frame that houses a safety liner. And the waterbed mattress that sits inside the frame. The only other item needed is a heater as the water gets too cold to enjoy a restful sleep with, even if in a hot climate like the South. You will want to invest in a great heater since it will be used consistently and often.

A low quality waterbed heater could present a fire risk, but at the very least will present inconsistent heat, which will lead to a very uncomfortable waterbed and sleep for you!

The last thing to cover about waterbeds is that the water needs to be treated with chemicals to prevent slime and bacteria from growing in the water. You want to make sure to add this from the start and not skip this important step.

The Sleep Center in Dothan, Alabama sells all the required items to get to sleep peacefully & properly on water. Stop by or call our store for more information.






Waterbed Supplies

As true mattress professionals, we are highly-experienced with every sleep surface known to mankind, and that certainly covers waterbeds, too!

We stock all the waterbed supplies needed to set-up, maintain, or drain your waterbed. Our waterbed products include waterbed mattresses, foundations, heaters, massagers, protective mattress covers, water conditioners, repair kits and more. We only sell quality waterbed supplies & accessories that are proven, and we always offer them at a fair price to you!

We make shopping for waterbeds & waterbed supplies easy, so shop The Sleep Center and save time and money!

Dothan Waterbed Supplies

Quantum Waterbed Heater

A waterbed can only be comfortable if the temperature is dialed in to your preference and it remains consistent. A low quality heater will be inconsistent and make the water too hot or too cold.

With our quality waterbed heater, your water will hold the temperature you set it at and proved years of reliability. The State of the art electronic control is the heart of the heater and does it's job quite well.  We settle for less?

Quantum Waterbed Heater

Quantum Heater Features

  • Certified to Underwriter's Laboratories for waterbed heater standards.
  • 18 Gauge Power Cord.
  • 32 Gauge Nickel/Copper flexible circuitry.
  • Larger Pad w/ 64 Gauge Thermal Fused Duraflex Vinyl.
  • Premier Control Base.
  • State-of-the-Art Ultra sensitive electronic control that holds the temperature to + or - 1/8 degree of set point. Insures consistent & accurate temperature sensing & readout.
  • 300 Watt Hardside.
  • 5 Year limited warranty.  

Innomax Waterbed supplies

Waterbed Conditioner - 8 oz. Waterbed Conditioner controls the growth of odor-causing, slime-forming bacteria. Prevents bubbles, preserves plasticizers, conditions vinyl interiors and sequesters minerals. Extends waterbed mattress life.

Fill & Condition Kit - All you need to fill and condition your waterbed mattress. Includes Standard waterbed mattress conditioner, faucet adaptor, washers & hose-to-valve coupling.

Fill & Drain Kit - Everything you need to fill, drain and condition your waterbed mattress. Includes faucet adaptor, perfect union, super siphon and 4 oz. Standard Conditioner.

Pull Cap & Seal - This waterbed cap is designed for maximum air and watertight security. Ideal for opening and lifting mattress valve with ease. Prevents accidental leaks.

Vinyl Repair Patch Kit - This kit provides all the items needed to properly repair your vinyl mattress, quick & easy, for a watertight repair.

Genesis 400 Gentle Wave Mattress

             Genesis 400 Gentle Wave Mattress

  •  Wave reduction and weightless feel featuring gentle wave performance and gravity neutral fluid suspension mid-body support.

  • Multi layer wave elimination system and 20 mil premium pearlized vinyl.

  • Specifically formulated pearlized azure vinyl.

  • Body profile sleep surface generously over-cut low tension mattress design.

  • Use with approved waterbed heater and waterbed safety liner.

  • 3 Layer motion control with mid-body support.

  • Smooth top with T-seam construction.

  • 4 Way tethered support system for integrated internal component stabilization and t-corner lap seam construction.

  • 1'' Double strength corners.

Genesis 600 Balanced Motion Mattress

             Genesis 600 Balanced Motion Mattress

  • Wave reduction featuring balanced motion performance and gravity neutral fluid suspension mid-body support system.

  • Multi-Layer wave elimination system.

  • Smooth top.

  • 22 Mil premium aqua marine vinyl.

  • Use with approved waterbed heater and waterbed safety liner.

  • 8 Layer mid-body support system.

  • L-Seam construction with recessed black bottom.

  • 4 Way tethered support system for integrated internal component stabilization and recessed black bottom l seam construction.

  • 2'' Double reinforced corners.


The Sleep Center in Dothan, Alabama carries all of there waterbed products and more. Please visit us or call our store for more information.