About Dothan

Dothan, Alabama is an incorporated city in Houston County, Alabama approximately 200 miles east of Birmingham, Alabama.

When people think of Dothan, one of the main traits that is often thought of us being the Peanut Capital of the world. Another is The Circle City with our massive roadway system circling our city. We are the main transportation hub of the greater area of Southeastern Alabama, Southwest Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle.

While Dothan's home is Houston County, Alabama, the Dothan Metropolitan encompasses the tri-counties of Houston, Henry and Geneva.

Before modern times, the Dothan area was inhabited by Native American Tribes and Indigenous people. Then European-Americans. This all gave way to the first White settlers by 1840 and soon the area was being settled.

The first name to be used was Poplar Head and that stuck through the 1880's until time came to incorporate and create the foundation of a modern city. The name was already used for an incorporated city so the leaders decided on the name Dothan.

With a variety of bumps along the road to today, Dothan gained a boost in 1893 when it secured a stop for the area's first railroad, which connected them to other cities and brought commerce from afar and fueled growth.

There is much more to explore about Dothan, Alabama, and we hope you dig deeper into our roots and stop by the store sometime and share it with us. The Sleep Center enjoys our local heritage and takes claim in it with you.

Thanks for reading along our short story and we hope you have a most wonderful day!


Dothan Community Care

Dothan's Premier Mattress Shop caring for the wiregrass with pride! It is at the core of our values and something we are committed to. We believe it is up to the businesses in Dothan to make caring for the community important and set the pace for citizens to follow.

Kevin McCracken, The Sleep Center

Kevin McCracken not only lives in Dothan, Alabama, along with his wife, children, and extended family...they are entrenched in the community and they care passionately about Houston County's success as a whole.

As the operator of this locally-owned & operated family business since 2005, Kevin spends his time in a positive way and believes in paying it forward and giving back to help others succeed in life, too.

Giving is contagious? Absolutely it is, and it is something at the core of the McCracken family.

Toys for Tots.

Wiregrass Children's Home.

Love in Action.

Dothan City Schools.

Highlands Elementary PTO.

Hidden Lake Elementary PTO.

Salvation Army Angel Tree Program.

Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center.

Dothan Mom Meetup Group.

Humane Society of The United States.

Dothan Youth Soccer.

Rescue Mission.

Wiregrass Humane Society.

Military Salute.

Exchange Center for Child Abuse.

Alabama Department of Child Protective Services.

Along with these worthy causes, we support various activities for several area sports & schools in Houston County, Alabama and we will always stand with those that care for our beautiful community. Together we can make a difference!

Thank you from all of us at The Sleep Center.